Just as any other component of your property, maintenance is the hallmark of any roofing system. As a business owner you have a lot to think about, and your roof probably isn’t one of them. Preventive maintenance can save you thousands of dollars by catching any small problems before they become expensive budget nightmares.

A few tips to help extend the life of your roof include:

  • Educate all repairmen (HVAC, plumbing, etc) of rules and proper access
  • Plan ahead. Keep Frost Roofing’s contact information in case of an emergency
  • Keep an eye out for debris around drains if anyone happens to be on the roof
  • Pick the right roofing company and stick with them. Make sure you have a trusting relationship with your roofing contractor. They should be knowledgeable, ethical, and provide nothing short of quality products and superior service. The right contractor will get to know you and your roofing system.

With Frost’s preventive maintenance program (Roof Care), we think about your roof for you, so you can concentrate on your business.

Participating in Roof Care can: