Is your business hot when it should be cool? Cold when it should be warm? Do you have moisture you just can’t pinpoint?

Thermography is a quick, nondestructive method for testing the thermal integrity of a roof and detecting subsurface moisture. Our professional infrared testing can substantially reduce your roof repair and replacement costs.

Benefits of infrared testing:

  • Reduces energy costs- assess thermal performance of roofs
  • Saves thousands of dollars on roof repair and replacement costs
  • Reduces risk of structural damage and failure
  • Targets problem roof areas – identifies concealed moisture problems or construction defects
  • Evaluates roof life expectancy
  • Evaluates new roof – quality assurance inspection
  • Supplies printed report, including digital and infrared images
  • Quick, reliable, and low cost

Free consultation:

Frost Roofing will perform a free, no-obligation consultation for your roof. Contact us here or to speak to a member of our staff, call 419-739-ROOF.

Not sure if we service your area? We’ve got you covered. Our service area extends from Toledo to Columbus to Dayton and all areas beyond and in between.