Do you know Frost Roofing? Most of you probably know we're located in Wapakoneta. You are pretty sure we've been around for quite some time, and we are the roofers who drive in the teal and white trucks. Those are all accurate, but there is so much more to us.

Let's test your Frost knowledge!
1. What year was Frost moved from Delphos to Wapakoneta?
2. Can you tell us our slogan?
3. Who is our mascot? 

Our Rich History

In 1928, R.J. Frost started Frost Roofing during the Great Depression. It was during this time he saw the demand for a trust-worthy roofing company of quality craftsmanship that took pride in their work. This mission has survived many years and several Frost family generations because these values still hold true for our company. J.J. Smithey is currently Frost Roofing Inc.'s fourth generation owner and has proudly worked his way up to his position with much experience in the field and a wealth of knowledge in the roofing industry.

Looking Ahead

We have a past to be proud of and it's always interesting to look back at where we came from, but in this industry we're always looking into the future. This helps us offer you the best roofing system options for your home or business. Our goal is to exceed your expectations so you have the best experience possible with your roof repair or replacement project.

Safety First!

When you hire a contractor you tend to wonder how safe they will be while on the job, or if they will leave tools or debris laying around. We are known for taking safety very seriously and taking the proper precautions to preventing any accidents while on your job. What are we doing to stay safe? Our safety consultant helps us develop a program to keep our staff trained so safety is always at top of mind.

Our training program minimum requirements:

All foremen & supervisors are required to complete OSHA 30-Hour Construction Safety & Health Course
Written safety program consistently implemented
Annual safety training required for all employees
Job site safety audits conducted by safety consultant and management
Weekly tool box talks

Our Staff

From Suellen, our helpful and friendly receptionist, to Chad, our smart and fun business development and sales guru, our staff is full of great people who genuinely care about their community and providing them the best service. They're your neighbors, they go to the same ball games, and they'll offer a smile or handshake if you see them. We're proud of our team because they are living proof of the values our company has treasured for nearly ninety years.

roofing company mascot Still wondering if you answered the Frost trivia questions correctly? The answers are: 1)1946 2) If you don't have Frost on your roof, you should! 3) That would be Hank. Stop in our office sometime to see him! He's usually around here and ready to greet any visitors between naps and snacks.

Now that you know a little more about Frost Roofing, you can probably see why we're so different from your other roofing contractors. ‚Äč

To learn more about Frost Roofing, Inc., browse our website or call us at 419-739-ROOF. Don't forget to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn!


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