Regular maintenance gives your roof peak performance.

Prevention is key to avoiding future problems and expensive damage. Knowing what should be done and how often keeps your roof performing as it was meant to. We've compiled a few helpful tips because if you protect your roof, it can continue to protect you!

Insulation & Vents

Do make sure there is an adequate amount of insulation and proper ventilation.
Don't ignore the problem if your roof looks like this in the winter:


Do make sure flashing is properly installed and checked regularly by your professional roofing contractor when they perform a maintenance check. It can help prevent future water damage.
Don't try to mend this yourself if you're not a professional roofer.  


Do keep gutters cleaned and draining away from your building's foundation. Consider adding guards for extra protection.
Don't let leaves or other debris sit in your gutters especially when winter is approaching. The dreaded ice dam could be your future nightmare. Regardless of the season, water damage is likely to ensue if gutters are clogged.  

Storm or Foot Traffic Damage

Do call a professional to repair any visible roof damage (e.g., missing shingles, open seams, holes, etc).
Don't assume the problem can wait. The problem and it's price tag will only get bigger, guaranteed.      


Do pay attention to any signs of aging (curled edges, cracking, etc). These could lead to future unwanted surprises.
Don't assume your roof will last 30 years just because that is what your warranty says. Many factors can affect the longevity of your roof system such as exposure to elements, foot traffic, and lack of maintenance.  

You can't always prevent things from happening to your roof, but you can prevent something small and easy to fix from becoming a huge expensive pain in your you-know-what. It's smart to have a roofing professional inspect your roof at least once per year. This allows for any repairs to be made and will give you an idea of when it will need replaced so you can prepare your budget. In fact, our guys use a helpful tool called FrostCloud that stores pictures and information of your roof so you can see what's been looked at, repaired, replaced, or recommended for your roof. It even provides you with a grade to give you a good idea of how much life is left in your roof.

Is your roof ready for winter? It's never a bad idea to be safe instead of sorry. Call us today for a maintenance inspection of your commercial roof: 419-739-ROOF or request it online at

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