What is FrostCloud and Why Should I Use it?

If you're a Frost Roofing client, odds are you've heard us mention 'FrostCloud' or 'Client Portal' a time or two. There's a good possibility we've even given you a glimpse into how it works, provided you with login information, and explained what type of information is stored.

FrostCloud is our online client portal that gives our clients real-time information and stores it for easy access anytime, anywhere. Once you receive your login information you can look at past projects or even follow current ones from the time of dispatch, all progress during the project, and all information recorded once it is complete. It even has specific notes on problem areas, how it was repaired, and photos to show what's going on. It really is like being on your roof, without stepping foot on it.

Check out this video that walks you through a service dispatch:  Navigating FrostCloud

All of Your Properties' Information in One Place

Work order history, invoices, warranty information, work order status updates, how much life is left in your roof, and more are available in the FrostCloud.

You can monitor our progress on every project. You'll know when we arrive, be able to view photos of any damage, view progress of our work, and even see the finished repair.  You will know what we're doing and when we're doing it in real-time. Once the project is complete and you've reviewed the summary report you can download  a PDF for sharing or archiving.  

More Reasons to Love FrostCloud

It helps you budget. That's right, a comprehensive budget matrix is available to you so you know how to prepare your budget in advance.

FrostCloud helps us better serve you. Since absolutely everything is documented in detail and archived, our guys are prepared before arrival, allowing them to work more efficiently. Frost Roofing professionals are trained to provide our customers with the best service possible and a big part of service is communication. We want to make sure everyone (you and our roofing professionals) are all on the same page and aware of any and all problems, past and current.

If you're a client and you're not currently using FrostCloud, call us for more information! With the help of our client portal, we aim to keep everyone connected and on the same page on every project.

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