As many of you know, Hank is the Frost Roofing mascot. Our office guard dog, playful companion, and loyal friend. We thought it was only appropriate to put Hank in the spotlight so you could get a glimpse of his story and learn more about his life.

Just a Pup

Hank leads a pretty ordinary life. From the very beginning he loved the camera and had no problem showing everyone his photogenic charm and handsome good looks. He nailed the innocent puppy face which helped him get out of trouble later in life.



We’ll never forget the day Hank made the team. We had our doubts, but his speed, agility, and his commitment to never let go of the ball (even though it was awkward when he still wouldn’t let go after the play was over) made him a legend. You have to admit, he wears the uniform well.



You know what they say, they grow up fast. In no time, Hank was off to college and studied hard so he could earn a good position at the office. Although his activities with his fraternity brothers were questionable, he survived. We couldn’t be more proud of his accomplishments.



After college Hank thought it’d be a good idea to try and settle down so he went on a few dates. He’s made progress and is still working on his dining etiquette, but he’s still happily single and keeping his options open.



At Work

Hank and his BFF, Buster make a great team. They make sure all visitors are greeted and thoroughly inspected (you know, for safety purposes). You can often find Hank in the lobby either on high alert or napping… there’s really no in-between.



Every now and then you'll catch Hank wondering around the community to play hide and seek with this Facebook friends. You can play along by following us on Facebook here:

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