One thing we love about our jobs here at Frost Roofing is every day is different. Different problems to solve, different locations to work, different customers to serve, and then you have different “situations” that make us say Hmmm, shake our heads, or simply laugh.  These “situations” are not always the property owner’s fault, because sometimes the property owner may not even be aware of what happened. So, in honor of David Letterman’s recent retirement we found it appropriate to share these “situations” with a Top 10 List of Things to NOT Do on Your Roof. Here we go… by the way, these all really happened:

asphalt kettle.png





10) Make your own asphalt kettle - Do not attempt to do your own roof repairs using a furnace, beer keg, and baseball bat to make an asphalt kettle. We can't make this stuff up.

duck tape (1).png




9) Let your frugal custodian make roof repairs - Especially if he’s one of those “duck tape and WD40 can fix anything” kind of guys. 

8) Sit on a folding chair on your roof - We get it. There are those of you who aspire to be #1 neighborhood watchdog or some that want to get a good tan while being nosey. Let’s try a treehouse next time.

7) Shoot fireworks on your roof - You may be the most patriotic in your neighborhood, but trust us on on this one; shooting fireworks off of your roof is not a good idea.

6) Wear high heels at cocktail party on your roof - For obvious reasons. That is, unless you have thousands of dollars to get rid of and prefer the more-holes-than-swiss-cheese roof design.

5) Allow the local drunks to throw glass bottles on your roof - Remind the notorious bottle-throwers where the trash can is before they get tipsy.

4) Use your roof as a wetlands to grow vegetation - We fully support green efforts, but you’re doing it wrong.

target practice.png

3) Allow target practice on or near your roof - Unfortunately, acupuncture is not effective on roofs.




roof bonfire.png

2) Have a bonfire on your roof - Yes, this really happened. They miraculously (thankfully) did not burn down the building.

flex seal.png





1) Do not Flex Seal pieces of mother nature to your roof - Yep. This really happened too. Suppress your inner Phil Swift when it comes to roof repairs. Flex Seal is not a fix for intrusive tree branches.

We as roofers totally get that being on the roof can sound like a good idea. Take it from our experience, don’t try any of these at home (or work, unless you know what you’re doing). If you really like to be up on top, consider joining our team and we’ll show you how it’s done the right way. Otherwise, stay classy Ohio. :)



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