What is your image of a person working in the roofing industry? Be brutally honest. Do you picture a guy in a cut-off t-shirt carrying a hammer and nails and working out of an old, beat-up creepy-looking van? If not, your image probably doesn’t stray too far from that, or maybe it’s way worse… and that’s okay! I’m here to tell you the truth of what real roofers of today look like, their potential future in this industry, and what it’s like compared to an alternative job choice.

Roofers of Today

Roofers of today are drug-free, responsible, hard-working adults who make an honest living and enjoy working outdoors. They came to our door equipped with a can-do attitude and a good work ethic. They have families at home, food on the table, and money in the bank. They have hobbies like working on cars, golf, or fishing. They use smartphones and iPads daily to perform their jobs. They use nice equipment and make safety a priority on every job site.If they show up on time every day, perform their work with pride and integrity, they know their efforts will be rewarded. When they’ve mastered one position they can work toward moving up to another, then another. Don’t believe us? Here’s proof:  


Frost vs Factory

When you graduate high school and decide to look for a career or quick money, a factory is typically one of the easiest options. Because it doesn’t require any experience or professional skill, you can slide right in and start earning a decent wage right away. Sounds good, right? Well, have you thought about how that job benefits you? Is there room to advance much? And what are the odds of moving up when they can hire a new guy?Let’s take a look at a job at Frost Roofing and compare it to a typical factory position, shall we?

  1. The starting pay is pretty comparable for someone with no experience at all in both places.
  2. Frost Roofing offers full-benefits and paid time off. This can vary depending on which factory employs you.
  3. Frost Roofing educates and trains every employee on the job, so you’re getting paid to learn AND you’re rewarded for good work and certifications you complete at work (while on the clock). A factory position does not always offer this.
  4. Frost Roofing provides its employees with a skillset they can take anywhere with them. A factory worker gains production specific skills that benefit that factory. That’s usually it.
  5. Frost Roofing has plenty of different positions such as foreman, project manager, estimator, and more that you can move into as you gain experience in the field. In most factories unless you have a degree, the room for advancement is very limited.
  6. Frost Roofing provides its employees with exceptional equipment and the latest technology to help them perform their jobs safely and efficiently.
  7. We saved the best for last. Your duties at Frost are not monotonous. You are challenged each day with something new and you’re not stuck standing in the same place for 8-12 hours. You’re outside, moving around and get to travel to your “work station.” Each day is new. It won’t get old. Compared to the alternative, that alone can be a breath of fresh air.

If you’re not 100% sure you want to go to college, potentially going into debt, and you’re seriously considering a full-time career, take a look at Frost Roofing. You have the potential to earn a wage comparable to those who hold a two- to four-year degree. We have applications available at our front desk Monday through Friday 8am - 4 pm. We’re always here to answer any questions you may have. Or if you’d prefer, you can always go online and visit our website to view employment opportunities and submit an application. What are you waiting for?




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