Fall came and went. December is here and colder weather has settled in, though it's been mild so far. You adjusted the thermostat and began (or at least thought of) preparing your business for winter's wrath.  But what about the leaves on your flat roof? Are they still there? Even if you've had your gutters cleaned, leaves and other debris still get caught in roof drains that are essential in keeping water from standing on your roof.
This is one reason it really pays to hire a professional roofing contractor to perform an inspection and make any necessary repairs before winter hits. Especially before things freeze. If you have debris caught in your roof drain, it's not functioning properly. If it's clogged and it freezes, it's going to be difficult to remove.
But if it freezes someone can just go up there and chip it away, right? This is not only difficult, but it's asking for trouble. Waiting to remove a clog caused by leaves and debris until they're frozen can end up causing damage to the drain and/or your roof system and what was once a quick, simple, inexpensive project has now turned into an expensive mess. Your flat roof cannot perform as it should without proper drainage. Period.
No worries, though! It's not too late. Call your commercial/industrial roofing professionals today to schedule your inspection. We guarantee it's worth it. Trust us. The last thing you want this winter is frozen standing water on your roof wreaking all kinds of this-got-really-ugly havoc. Call 419-739-ROOF or visit www.frost-roofing.com today!‚Äč


10 Things to Know When Hiring a Roofing Contractor - Frost Roofing

10 Things to Know When Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Whether you're in need of repair or an entire new roofing system, hiring a trusted, quality contractor is key. With your business as one of your biggest assets, you should protect it by knowing who it is you're really hiring.

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