Whether it's for new construction or a re-roof project, modified bitumen (MB) and built up (BUR)  roof systems are smart choices. Their multiple layers provide added protection that make them a popular choice. These two low-slope, asphaltic roof systems are reliable, long-lasting, and sustainable. Here's why:

Let's be honest. The reliability relies heavily on the professional installation.  The performance of a roof is important to any building owner, so make sure you hire a certified professional to install the system of your choice. A built-up asphaltic roof system is comprised of multiple layers and is internally reinforced. Fully adhered, it creates a barrier against water to protect your building from the elements. This system is essentially made by the crew performing the installation and requires much attention to details. Hiring someone you trust to make and install the curbs, walls, flashings, and other components is indeed important to achieve a long-lasting roof system.

Longevity and performance are necessary to please any building owner purchasing a new roof system. Thickness and durability play a role in the impressive reputation of these type of roofing systems. Many contractors often boast of how long some of their BUR systems have lasted. Even better, BUR and MB systems are known to cost less to maintain.

How are they considered sustainable? You'll be happy to know they each support sustainability by increasing energy efficiency. Plus, because they spend more time on your roof (some lasting up to 30 years), their materials are not clogging up landfills.  

Here are some details of both built-up roof systems and modified bitumen systems so you have a better understanding of each:

BUR: Multiple layers for water-resistant barrier, excellent thermal performance, uplift and fire resistance, cost efficient, and high performance.

MB: Installed by torch, asphalts, or adhesives, typically a two-ply system, durable, weather resistant, easy to repair, and flexibility aids in expansion/contraction.  

If a long-lasting roof system is what you're looking for, these are great to consider. Keep in mind that hiring a quality professional and performing regular maintenance are key to a long roof life. Annual or semi-annual inspections are recommended and help keep your roof doing exactly what you expect it to: protect your building and everything under it.  For more information, contact us here or call 419-739-ROOF.


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