You expect your commercial roof to have a long life and most commercial roofing systems are designed for long-term performance, but problems can arise in its lifetime. Many times it can be attributed to improper installation, incorrect design, or lack of maintenance. When looking for a solution for a damaged roof there are four options to consider: Repair, re-cover, coat, or replace. Knowing the answers to the following questions will help you and your commercial roofing expert make the right decision for your particular situation.
·         What is the damage and to what degree?
·         How big of an area is affected (consider all components)?
·         Does your building have the proper amount of insulation?
·         Is the building occupied? How difficult would a tear-off be for this location?
·         Is the owner or property manager looking for a short-term or long-term solution?
·         Do the activities in this building generate moisture? If so, is the right roof system currently in place or does it need something different?
Reasons You May Choose to Repair:
1. The problem is minor and can be easily repaired.
2. The roof system is in good shape and is not yet near the end of its life expectation.
3. The owner or property manager wants a low-cost solution.
Reasons You May Choose to Re-Cover:
1. The roof system is sound and does not require replacement.
2. The roof currently only has one layer.
3. Building has proper insulation and roof system still has life left in it.
4. Less disruptive and cheaper than a full tear-off and replacement.
Reasons You May Choose to Coat:
1. Extra protection from leaks.
2. Extends roof life.
3. Reflective coating reflects heat and UV rays from building providing energy savings and added comfort inside.
4. Less disruptive than a full replacement.
5. Could be cheaper than other options.
Reasons You May Choose to Replace:
1. Roof has 25% or more damage and/or roof system is older.
2. Not enough insulation or insulation is wet.
3. Owner would like a long-term solution or something new.
4. Benefits such as less maintenance, energy savings, and less headaches down the road just make sense to perform a full-replacement.
To make the best decision on how your roof should be remedied after you've experienced damage, hire a professional commercial roofing company. They can help provide you with the information and options you need to make the right choice for your unique situation. If you have questions or are interested in a no-obligation consultation click here or call 419-739-ROOF.
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10 Things to Know When Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Whether you're in need of repair or an entire new roofing system, hiring a trusted, quality contractor is key. With your business as one of your biggest assets, you should protect it by knowing who it is you're really hiring.

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